As you may know from previous articles all teas are a family of Camellia Sinensis and yellow tea is no exception. You may ask what is the main difference from the other variations?

The main difference is a complex production process. For a basis of tea used high-quality raw materials, often tea buds. At the first stage the crop withering, then tea is heated in order to slow down the oxidation process in the third step, the leaves are folded in fabric bags for heaping, and then dried.

To get a quality product, a master is necessary to carefully monitor all stages of production, and it is at least 3 days of fruitful labor.

Yellow tea can be found in Sichuan, Hunan, Zhejiang and Fujian provinces. As well as a white tea, it has long been the privilege of emperors and nobility.

Well, that’s it! You’ve made one more step to tea knowledge! :)

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