In Thailand, there is no own tea culture. Until the 20th century, tea was not practiced here, despite the fact that in the jungle wild tea trees grow some older than 700 years.

For many years Thais were studied about the possibility of spreading tea in the north of Thailand. Various tea plants from China, Japan, India, Sri-Lanka, and Taiwan were brought to the country. Experts from these countries were also involved.

The beginning of tea production in Thailand falls on the 40th years. In 1975, General Kriengsak Chomanan donated tea seeds from Taiwan to the northern regions of the country, and in 1987 the Royal Project joined the tea industry.

Through trial and error, Thais were found tea varieties that suit Northen region. Most of which were imported from the Taiwanese mountains of Alishan.

Today in the north of Thailand tea is produced not only by Thais also by ethnic Chinese who settled the northern mountains in the 1950s.

Most of the teas are exported to America, Cambodia, and Taiwan.

Thanks to our project, now not only people from these countries have the opportunity to try Thai teas. 😀

Pay attention to the photo, you can see the beauty of the north of Thailand and the tea fields of the Kingdom.

Enjoy your tea! :)

Best regards,
Tea Village Team.

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  1. Antholblila
    Apr 05, 2019

    Taiwanese tea culture also encompasses a more traditional tea culture inspired by China and Han immigrants to the island. Wild tea was first found in Taiwan by the Dutch East India Company.

  2. Eden
    Apr 13, 2019

    tea-based beverage. John, an American expat in Thailand, guides us through Thailand s tea culture and gives us tips on where to find the finest teas in the country.

  3. Trek
    Apr 23, 2019

    Great article! I ve been many times in Double Dogs and Peace Oriental. But if you go out of Bangkok there are almost no shops. There is one in Pattaya, it called Tea Village. There you also can stop by and drink some teas So it s really difficult to try to find some nice teas in Thailand because locals don t drink teas like that.