It’s time to go to a tea classification deeper and today we talk about white tea.

Those who missed the classification of tea, please click on the link.

What is Called White Tea?

White tea (e.g. Silver Needle) is a tea made of tea buds which are subjected to the least processed. Namely: manual assembly – withering – drying.

It can be produced from any of the tea bush, but one of the most popular is considered camellia bush that grows in Fuding County, Fujian Province, China.

There are several variations of White Tea, the most valuable and common “Silver Needle White Tea” This type consists solely of tea buds, covered with small white hair. Probably this is another reason why it is called white.

Fresh buds are green with white hair. Flavor-saturated from flowers to fruit, with a soft sweet aftertaste. Despite its light brew, caffeine is present in tea.

That’s it! :) In the next issue, we will talk about green tea.

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