In this article, we will briefly tell you about Thai tea and its history, and also you will learn where you can buy quality tea in Thailand.

For over 70 years, Thailand has been actively developing the tea industry, and the locals are doing quite well.

Especially worth noting is the period of the late 80s when a new round of tea development began in the country under the auspices of King Rama IX.

Today, in the northern regions of the country, Taiwanese varieties are grown from the Taiwan Alishan Mountains: oolong 12, 17, 4 seasons and others. And the main tea exporter from Thailand is Taiwan.

The History of Thai Tea

Tea in Thailand appeared a long time ago, although the local population knows almost nothing about it.

Tea in Thailand
Tea in Thailand

Part of the north of Thailand – the former medieval Kingdom of Lana, it included part of China, Laos, Burma, and Thailand. It was in this region that tea trees were found, some of them over 1000 years old.

Such trees grow in the Thai jungle, but the ethnic tribes that inhabited these mountains did not produce tea and almost did not use it as a drink, but made Miang from it. Miang is the name of fermented tea leaves.

Where to Buy Thai Tea

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