Different countries and sources classify tea in different ways, some by a liquid color, and some by a type of tea leaf. We will consider the Chinese classification since it is fairly well known and vast.

From the last articles, you learned – “What is tea” and about countries that engaged in its production.

Compared to other countries China has the richest variety of teas.

The list below shows Chinese tea classification.

  1. White Tea
  2. Yellow tea
  3. Green tea
  4. Oolong Tea
  5. Red / Black tea
  6. Dark Tea (Pu-erh)
  7. Flavored/Scented tea

All of these types can be produced from the same tea bush. The major differences are in the maturity of tea leaf, the production process, and oxidation level.

Since we promised to write a short and simple article, this time we will not go into the details, we’ll talk about each type individually in subsequent articles.

Enjoy your tea time! See you again soon! :)

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