In the world, there are teas of different price category, but not many understand the pricing of this product.

Somewhere Tieguanyin costs 50 baht and somewhere around 5000 for the same amount. What is the secret?!

There are no secrets, a quality product is always more expensive and there are many reasons for this.

  • Different tea flushes;
  • Different heights of mountains;
  • Master’s experience;
  • Method of collection;
  • The amount of harvest on the plantation;
  • Competitive product or not;
  • Are there any awards from the manufacturer?
  • An organic product or not;
  • Popularity of the variety;
  • Season;
  • And much more.

In the photo, women collect cut-off tea by machine, this leaves will go for the production of low-priced tea.

For an ordinary person, it is not easy to understand everything. Therefore, it is so important to choose the right tea store/company.

For 7 years of work in a tea business, we have got acquainted with farmers, tea masters, and manufacturers who help us to have a quality product. Our environment and customers help us grow and learn something new every day, and therefore we cannot sell a product of poor quality.

This is one of the reasons why in our store there is no identical kind of different price category. We try to choose what we ourselves are ready to drink.

At the moment, we have the opportunity to send tea directly from the plantations of Thailand and China.

We will be glad if you try our tea.
Tea Village Team :).

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