If you are reading this post, it is more likely that the topic is relevant to you. :) Some of us experience a terrible hangover after a well-spent holiday.

Symptoms of this feeling are different: a headache, nausea, muscle pain and others. All this is caused by alcohol. After drinking alcohol in the body there are many changes: dehydration, increased acidity of the digestive system, loss of potassium and vitamins, intoxication, which adversely affects the liver and nervous system.

The best remedy for a hangover is to stop drinking alcohol. But if you are not yet ready for this, then here are four herbal drinks that will help you survive this difficult period.

  1. Asian Ginger. It will help relieve a headache and reduce the feeling of nausea. It also has cleansing properties for the entire body and stimulates blood flow to the digestive system. And most importantly – help to cleanse the body of toxins that absorb useful substances.
  2. Chamomile. Has analgesic effect and soothes the stomach.
  3. Lavender. It’s a tonic for the nervous system! It also stimulates blood circulation and helps the digestive tract.
  4. Thai Lemongrass. This is another super remedy that has all the necessary properties to relieve a hangover. Drink obtained by welding helps: get rid of the feeling of vomiting, relieve spasms of the digestive tract and abdominal pain, and also help get rid of toxins and microbes.

All the listed drinks can be bought at our online tea store with delivery around the world.

Enjoy your tea and have a good holiday!

Best regards,
Tea Village Team. :)

References: Crocker, P. (2003). The Smoothies Bible. Toronto, Ontario: Robert Rose Inc., “Cultivation and use of herbs from John and Rosemary Hemphill”

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