According to the Chinese classification, white tea buds are called white tea, and gold ones are called red tea.

It should be remembered that red tea in some countries is called black tea. Therefore, if you hear the mention of red tea, it is most likely talking about black. But sometimes red is called tea beverages of red color: Rooibos, Rosselle, and others.

The more gold buds, the more expensive the final product, but this does not mean that it will be tastier. A taste preferences are different for everyone.

In the photo, tea buds from Yunnan. Tea produced from it is called Dian Hong.

Unlike traditional black tea, it has a more interesting taste bouquet and an amber color infusion.

Today, fresh Dian Hong is available in our stock in China, if you want to order, please follow the link.

Did you taste Dian Hong tea?

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